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A couple of years ago the Obama Administration spoke out of frustration that fees for tax advisors should under certain conditions no longer be deductible from taxable income as a business expense.

The intention was to punish social media ventures and globally operating ecommerce giants. Those who hire an army of international tax experts in order to implement corporate structures in low tax or no tax paradises with profit shifting around the globe should no longer be granted a tax refund on such consulting expenses.

Well, to be honest, that is not quite our field of expertise.

We focus on the expansion plans of SME. We translate import and export strategies into a feasible and pragmatical day to day fulfillment of locally applicable tax declaration rules. We enable the acquisition of a corporation that shall serve as platform for your going abroad. We perform a thorough tax due diligence and if you wish we do the financial due diligence as well. We plan and implement a cross border merger which is quite a challenge, too.

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