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Cross border M&A

Stock listed companies do that all the time and rely on established inhouse teams as well as on multinational advisory firms. For family held companies either on the purchaser side or on the vendor side the access to such partners is not restricted but rather uncommon and a costly project due to the multitude of consultants, lawyers, tax experts and notaries to be involved not to speak about high three digit hourly rates. The issues to be dealt with are the same for smaller companies but the figures are smaller.

Our network teams up with you and provides that services, too. We speak the language both of the big firms and of family-owned businesses. Non-disclosure agreements, letter of intentions, due diligence, valuation, shareholder agreements, purchase contracts, side letters, exit clauses, any kind of clauses that are common in domestic transactions will have to be dealt with if a cross border M&A transaction has to be realized, all to be done in a usually tight time frame.

Our network provides the experience and partners that have the expertise. And once this transaction is completed there will more often than not be a next one as it is a quite a challenge to all involved, yes, but not rocket science.

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